An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Discover the benefits of meditation. In this 90-minute class you will be given basic information and instruction on mindfulness meditation including common misconceptions, benefits, the 'how-to's' and tips for starting your home practice. You will practice a guided meditation and we will end with a question and answer period and optional sharing. All are welcome. Offered in the Spring and Fall in Mt. Washington. 

Working with Difficult Emotions

Difficult and unpleasant emotions are an inevitable part of life.  How we relate to our emotions can be the difference between suffering and peace. In this 60-minute class we will discuss the challenges and benefits of working with difficult emotions through meditation. Class is a combination of discussion and practice. It is not recommended for those who are currently or recently in a mental health crisis including suicide risk, recent trauma or psychosis. No meditation experience necessary.


Tune into the wisdom of your heart for greater balance, connection and joy. Add Heart  is based on over 25 years of research from the HeartMath Institute.  In this 60-minute class you will learn the science behind Heart Coherence and practice the Heart Lock-In Technique. You will also have the opportunity to experience the Inner Balance technology that measures heart coherence through heart rate variability and receive immediate feedback on the balance between your mind, heart and emotions. You will practice a short guided meditation incorporating the technique. No meditation experience necessary.

Meditation classes can be scheduled as an individual session or a small group. Please contact me for more information and pricing.